Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quinoa and Friends Veggie Burritos

Someday I'll write a memoir about my experiences with veggie burritos. Today, just this photo. These veggie burritos came together almost by accident. On Tuesday I rushed home from a job to take the dogs out and whip up a quick lunch. I had a pot on the stove with a leftover quinoa stir-fry from the night before, and added a can of black beans, some shredded zucchini, and a little salsa (home-made by Mom). I grabbed a few flour tortillas and headed outside for a little picnic in the backyard with the dogs, and realized I had a pretty mean veggie burrito on my hands. Ingredients include quinoa, edamame, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, onions and garlic, followed by those black beans and zucchini.

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