Thursday, January 31, 2008

Potato almost success

The big cold continues in Fargo...I think even penguins would say this is bullshit. So it's a good time to stay in at night and bake bread. This is a potato bread I made, using a potato roll recipe as a jumping off point. Honestly, it didn't turn out that great, but it smelled good and was acceptable. I'm not bothering reposting the recipe at this point, since I didn't quite nail it - just google a recipe if you're in the mood. I left the dough a little moist - it baked well, but the bottom was just a little on the underdone side. I'll post the picture anyway, since I think it has a nice peasant vibe. The point is, baking bread is always a good way to spend your time, even if the results aren't quite what you were hoping for. It'll be better next time.

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