Monday, March 3, 2008

Down on the farm...

I'm a few days into my month here at Farm Sanctuary near Orland, California. The weather is beautiful, the farm is amazing, and the animals are charming and lovable, with the exception of a goose named Romeo, who is kind of a dick.
The staff here show that rare kind of dedication of people who deeply believe in what they are doing, and I've been following staff members around each day since I arrived, learning the routines of cleaning, feeding, and just being friends with the residents here. There are cattle, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigs, donkeys, and a few cats who work to scare the rodents away.
I'll try to be back on a regular basis with posts, but obviously my biggest priority while I'm here is to be outside and working with the animals. For that reason I probably won't have many food/recipe posts for the month. As an aside though, I ate at Laughing Planet in Portland, OR, last Thursday on the way here, and snapped a picture of the Che burrito. It was worthy of the revolution, and chock full of plantains, sweet potatoes, beans, justice, and tempeh.
Back to the farm - it's beautiful outside, so I need to wrap this up. The rock star of the farm is a holstein calf named Cupid. His story is on the Farm Sanctuary site, which you can link to from this page. I've bottle-fed him the last two nights at closing time, and he drinks like some people I know. He's a sweetheart, and a great ambassador for calves who don't escape to places like this. So long for now from California, where it isn't winter anymore and all is well.

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Life that Wills to Live said...

I guess Romeo hasn't changed a bit since this post!