Friday, March 28, 2008

Hooray for goats

Today was a day off at Farm Sanctuary. I spent time this morning with the animals, notably the pigs of the Rescue Barn, and the goats and sheep on Goat Hill, what I call their current pasture. We fed the goats chopped up carrots for treats this morning - some of them got really fired up about the deal, and climbed up on my back and tried to take over the feed bowl.

Only two work days left - Saturday and Sunday - then it's off on Monday for the two day train trip back to Fargo. Word is it will be daylight through the Rockies on the way back, which should be awesome. The train cuts right through Glacier National Park - living next door to Montana most of my life, I've never been to Glacier. Just a couple of road trips that cut across it's southern edge.

I'll have some of the many pictures I've taken this month on display here as soon as I get home. Meanwhile, I've added some links for some pretty nifty cooking sites.

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