Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spicy Green Papaya Salad, & Ethiopian Crepes

I love finding food I've never seen before, so had to buy a little bag of shredded green papaya this week at Fargo's Asian and American Market. Hema Parekh's The Asian Vegan Kitchen has a nummy spicy papaya salad recipe, without which I wouldn't really have known what to do with it. The photo doesn't convey the kaleidoscope of flavors, which includes green beans, peanuts, tomato, hot chilis, tamarind, lime juice, and tamari - all ground up in the food processor and tossed with the shredded papaya. Parekh's recipe is wonderful - sort of like a spicy Thai coleslaw. It's Som Tam in Thai, and apparently really popular in street stalls.

I'm still cooking my way through Vegan Brunch, and made the Ethiopian Crepes, one of the recipes I knew I had to try. The crepes are made with chickpea and all-purpose flour, and after making them a few times they seem just as easy as making pancakes. The filling is a delicious spicy lentil and tomato mix, with lots of spices...reminds me of many Indian curries, but unique. I have zero experience with Ethiopian food, but this makes me want to try more. Crepes are cousins of Ethiopia's injera bread, which I'd also love to try sometime.


Sal said...

mm those crepes look outstanding!!

Bianca said...

Now that I've mastered the Vegan Brunch crepes, I wanna try that recipe. I love Ethiopian food and since I'm scared to try making my own injera (it sounds really hard!), this would be a nice alternative.