Saturday, May 10, 2008

Couch Potatoes

They don't always sleep like this, but here's Maya (left) and Otter on the couch. Because if there's one thing the internet needs, it's more photos of people's pets in funny poses. But come on, aren't these two the best? (they're unrelated, and both proud street dog mutts, by the way...American Kennel Club, kiss my ass.) Another thought - both of these dogs' primary food is a vegan dog food sold by Nature's Recipe. Dog food was my last change since going vegan about three years ago...they've been eating vegan dog food for about a year now. They are both supercharged with energy on their long daily runs, but here's the interesting thing. For about a year before the food change, Otter (on the right, about 7 1/2 years old) had started to develop arthritic pain (according to my vet) once in a while. After a long day outside, the next day she would whimper a little bit when getting up or coming down my stairs...I was feeling really bad for her, and didn't know what to do. Vets I talked to suggested that she take it a little easier outside on our runs, which I knew was up to her, not me. Anyway, since we've switched to a veggie dog food, those whimpers and pains (at least as perceptible to me) have completely disappeared. I know this is just anecdotal and not exactly a scientific experiment, but it seems like a pretty common sense conclusion that if dogs (or us) stop eating the garbage we're told to eat by the mass culture and corporate advertising, good things will happen. Ask Otter when she's tearing down the trails and through the fields with a big, goofy, dog smile on her face.

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