Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seared Tofu with a Miso Glaze

I don't have many kitchen appliances, mostly because of space, but also because so many of them seem a little silly or redundant. That said, I would be lost without my coffee maker, blender, and George Foreman grill. Even though I don't use the grill as often as the first two, I love how well it does its job when called upon.

For example, take this seared tofu, another nummy recipe test for Farm Sanctuary. I made this in a hurry over lunch today, and the grill is great because it presses the tofu and drains extra water while it's cooking. You get to skip that step of tofu prep, and it's done in minutes. I'm starting to feel like I'm doing an infomercial now, so I'll stop singing the praises of the grill.

On to the sauce. This sauce is super simple - just three ingredients, and after a quick simmer you have a sweet and tangy miso glaze for tofu or veggies. Glazed and grilled tofu is topped here with roasted red peppers and shiitake mushrooms, on a bed of just-wilted cooked fresh spinach.


Theresa said...

Yum, I love miso, so that meal looks pretty fantastic!

Bianca said...

I can't believe you just whipped that up for lunch! Beautiful!

I really need a George Foreman grill. I used to have one when I was living with a carnivore boyfriend. But he used it for meat all the time and it was meat-greasy...even after cleaning. So I avoided it. But I'd like to buy an untainted one and use it just for tofu!

River said...

Awesome infomercial! :)

That's a great idea actually, the tofu gets pressed while it's cooking! Genius! It's mouthwatering, as always!

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

beautiful presentation!

Anonymous said...

You are so bluffing with the simple sauce!!!
Me no likey you. Stop coming up with beautiful heavenly tofu pieces that I cannot recreate myself! Meanie!